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Wish to trade boldly and consistently just like Wall Street traders do? If so, make sure to complete the Reboot Training Course brought to you by Gerchik!
Reboot is a comprehensive trading training course based on the knowledge of Alex Gerchik, the safest day trader according to MOJO Wall Street Warriors.

The course is designed for those who are tired of losing trading deposits and wish to enter trades accurately, keep risks under control, and boost trading performance.
Here's what you will get:
  • Hands-on training course by Gerchik accompanied by examples of trades, charts, and videos
  • Ready-to-use strategies, techniques, and tips from Gerchik.
  • Home tasks to help you retain what you’ve learned.
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Basic Package
  • 5 main lessons of 11
  • 2-month access to lessons
  • No home task check
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  • Full course consisting of 11 lessons
  • 4-month access to lessons
  • Home task check
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Traders’ feedback on Reboot Course
The training course is available for actively trading customers at Gerchik & Co charge-free! Simply replenish your account and make money while you gain new knowledge
Olga Kharitonycheve
I’m really grateful to the creators and mentors of the course! I found the information to be really helpful, acquired new skills and the ability to see the bigger picture in trading, and mastered new things. The feedback is always instrumental to retaining what you’ve learned and helps understand the things you’ve missed so that you can go through them once again.
I’ve learned about the trend trading approach from Alex Gerchik. I gained access to the Reboot of Your Trading basic course, took the first lesson, tried switching up the levels to understand how the price behaves, and now I can safely say that I have finally found what I had been looking for after 6 months of searching for a versatile tool to help me understand the price behavior. I’ve actually seen what no technical indicator demonstrates.
Igor Butyrka
I am really happy that I have completed this course. This is an excellent foundation. I am going to try to make the most out of it. Thanks a bunch!
Mr. Gerchik, I’m your huge fan. Thank you for what you do. Thanks to you and your Reboot training course I was finally able to trade in the black. You’ve made me see things in a new light. Thank you so much! I wish you loads of inspiration and patience for traders like myself.
Join those who have successfully rebooted their trading and trade like a pro